Our Services

Interior Design

Our team holds excellent interior designers that have experience in furnishing rentals and private homes for our existing clientele of homeowners and investors. We include your wishes and ideas to create your dream homes. Whether your style is functional, minimal, country, or abstract, we assist you in every step of making your home the perfect place.

Property Management

We provide our homeowners with professional care of maintaining and repairing their real estate properties.

We manage the all-around life cycle of acquired homes for investment, private, business, and expatriate homeowners.

Project Development

Our team has experience in planning, projecting, and executing real estate projects. We can provide you with a team of organized and professional craftsmen necessary to develop your dream home. Our innovative team assists you in making your dream home a reality.


Hand-selected real estate partners provide you with the necessary information and assistance when selling your property. All of our real estate agents go through an internal processing before being authorized to work with our customers.


We are notorious for our lovely temporary and long-term rentals. Our apartments uphold a certain RED BLU standard. You have the option of renting furnished and unfurnished. All of our properties come with a fully equipped kitchen. For the convenience of our tenants the first set of bed sheets and towels are provided.

Property Financing

We work together with a real estate financial consulting firm who have access to over 300 banks throughout Germany to find you the best financial solution to come one step closer to your new home. RED BLU assists you from the first step of finding a home up to the final stages of the sales contract and notary appointment.

Military Housing Guidance

We at RED BLU, have specialized professionals that have the experience needed to assist military expats during their stay overseas.

Over the years, we became familiar with the necessary documentation and information that is needed to complete your housing process. Below you can find the necessary rental contract forms that are needed for renting your ideal home.
Whether you are TLA or PCS we are here to answer questions and guide you through your stay overseas.

We work with the required rental contracts from the housing offices to simplify your housing process.
We know what is required and understand how stressful it can be at times of completing your in-processing. Therefore we will guide and assist you every step of the way to take at least one burden off your shoulders.

“We have first-hand experience how difficult it can be settling into a new environment. This is why we decided to create a channel for guidance during in-processing.”Ajay Boehringer - Co-Founder of RED BLU Management